Nancy Baym a|aSara A. Bibelaa|aaaTom Casiello

Sam Fordaaaa|aElana Levineaa|aaaLynn Liccardo

Jason Mittella|aRoger Newcomba|aaaTristan Rogers

Abigail De Kosnik | C. Lee Harrington |  Patrick Erwin

Robert Allen |  Mary Cassata | Barbara Irwin

Deborah Jarmarillo | Elana Levine | Jamie J. Nasser


Society for Cinema and Film Studies

2011 Conference

2010 Conference

Reviews and Mentions of 2010 Panels feat. Tristan Rogers, Sam Ford, Abigail DeKosnik, and C. Lee Harrington

American Popular Culture Association Conference in St. Louis, MO – March 30th-April 3rd, 2010


University Press of Mississippi


Evaluating the ‘Baby Jack’ Storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful: Making a Case for Bone Marrow Donations” from Cases in Public Health Communication and Marketing. Summer 2010. Full Article