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Press, Reviews, and Awards

Here is another round of updates, including several reviews and other great mentions.

Henry Jenkins ran a four-part blog series that featured sizable excerpts from the book, as well as interviews from some of our contributors. Check them out: Part 1, Part 2, Part3, Part 4. Also, there have been a few reactions to the blog series. Here they are: NewforTVMajors, TristanRogersForum, Suite 101, ReadReactReview.

Next, in Wired, sci-fi writer Bruce Sterling has an article related to our book. Read it here.

TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco named our book the best soap opera book of 2010. Check out the full review.

Also, Professor Alisa Perren (Georgia State University) has included our book in a list of books for her Media Industries class. She will have students do a mid-term book review and provides the list of books to choose from her site.

Finally, on her blog, Donna Pool mentions our book.

All posts of reviews and press from here and past entries are cross-listed on our Press page.


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